Gas Compressors G.P. Ltd.

Portable Gas Screw Compressors

Brahma’s field proven line of Vapour Recovery Units are custom built to your specific application. We specialize in the custom design and manufacturing of both sweet and sour units from 10HP to 200HP+, with the following key features:

  • Electric, hydraulic or gas drive.
  • Screw, reciprocating and vane compressors.
  • Low horsepower blowers.
  • Pre-cooling systems.
  • Drying systems.
  • Variable Frequency Drives.
  • Sound attenuated heated walk in building for quiet, comfortable operation.

Our Vapour Recovery units are fully equipped, self contained packages designed to operate in your environment to the custom application you require. Contact a qualified vapour recovery unit expert today to learn more.

Built like a bull