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Product Specifications

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Sound & EUB Data, and installation requirements for
all of our screw compressor packages.

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Standard Features

  • Heated, walk-in building for convenient servicing.
  • Sound attenuated building walls for ultra-quiet operation.
  • Gear driven screw compressors for optimal efficiency and gas production.
  • Blow case for automated liquids removal.

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Ultra Quiet Operation

Our gas compressors are designed with sound attenuated building walls as a standard feature, making them amongst the quietest gas compressors you can buy. For installations where sound is a serious concern for landholders, the optional SoundRanger Noise Reduction System provides a pre-engineered cost effective solution.

Maximize Your Natural Gas Production

Our gear driven gas screw compressors optimize the speed of the screw compressor specific to your operating conditions, which means, you get the most gas production possible per installed horsepower.

Want to know more? Contact a qualified gas screw compressor expert now.

Minimize Your Maintenance

Our gas screw compressor packages are designed to operate for 1500 hours between service intervals. That's two full months of trouble-free operation. Longer service intervals means lower operating costs!

More Standard Features

Our gas compressors are self-contained fully equipped packages, loaded with standard features like blowcase liquids removal systems, Fisher suction control valves, and recycle control valves. All designed to keep your gas screw compressor package running 24/7. For more information contact a qualified gas screw compressor expert today.

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