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CGR140 Low Horsepower Gas Compressor

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Our CGR140 Spec Sheet includes:

  • Detailed Specifications
  • Performance and Flow Rates

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40 HP
Max Through-Put:
151 mcf/d
Hydraulic or Electric Motor w/ Optional Speed Control
RotorComp NK1OO Twin Screw Compressor
8’x8’x9’ Insulated Pre-Painted Building

CGR140 Compressor General Performance – Dry "Spec" Gas Output Flow rates shown in mcf/d

Suction Discharge Pressure Discharge Pressure
  125 PSIG 150 PSIG
0 PSIG 116 115
2 PSIG 125 124
4 PSIG 143 142
5 PSIG 151 151
10 PSIG Specific application conditions need to be reviewed.

Built like a bull